Zeus Solid State Drives from SimpleTech


SimpleTech has recently announced that they will be shipping the spanking new 64GB solid state drives that come in a 2.5″ form factor which is similar to that of a hard drive the same size. Known as the Zeus solid state drive, this new offering is meant to push the move for solid state drives in favor of hard drives, since the former is capable of performing under harsh operating conditions where the standard hard drive would already have had a word with General Failure, involving the user in an endless bout of questioning to abort, retry, or fail.

The Zeus solid state drives offer the highest level of electrical and physical reliability, courtesy of the patented flash management algorithms which make sure all the user’s data is stored in a consistent and accurate manner to maintain data integrity. You also get unlimited read cycles with each purchase of the Zeus SSD, a couple of million write cycles which ought to last long enough to migrate your data from SSD to the next generation data storage platform (whatever that is), and 10 year data retention, all packed into an impact-resistant aluminum alloy case.

Security is another issue to consider when it comes to portable storage, and the Zeus boasts some of the most secure standards issued by the Department of Defense, National Security Agency, Air Force, Army, and Navy. All that name-dropping ought to give you an unsurpassed peace of mind, knowing that a two-bit hacker won’t be able to sniff at the data within despite trying for hours on end. The Zeus SSD will come in 2.5″ and 3.5″ form factors, boasting capacities which range from 8GB to a whooping 146GB. Pricing details are available on request.

Source: VR Zone

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  1. They’re a great idea for hard drives in general and laptops in particular, can’t wait to see what they retail forl. Pair one of those with something like a panasonic toughbook and you’ve pretty much set to go anywhere!

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