Sony working on a new PMP?


sony-dap.jpgIf this piece of rumor turns out to be correct, Sony could be tempting fate with a portable media player that has smaller dimensions when compared to Apple’s already diminutive iPod nano, boasting 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB capacities. It is said that this new iteration will share the look of the NW-A3000/1000 units, save for the flatter and more rectangular shape that leans toward the iPod nano more.

The main draw would be the ability to play video for up to 8 or 10 hours on an end before a trip to the power outlet is required, but as everyone knows, that number can be manipulated by changing a host of settings such as low brightness, lowering the volume, and the quality of audio/video codecs. Thankfully, Sony’s track record when it comes to battery life in their products has been largely impressive. One ought to expect similar feature buttons that were found on the A3000 series, as well as a larger screen size when compared against the nano that can be rotated for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Remember, all this is just speculation and rumors, so until Sony releases and official press statement, take everything you read about this upcoming portable media player with a pinch of salt. It would be nice to see another choice in an already saturated market, and perhaps this could revive Sony’s flagging fortunes which was given a huge knock to the jaw due to the botched PlayStation 3 release and relatively poor sales worldwide.

Source: ATRACLife

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