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the-trojan.jpgTroy Hurtubise is famous all over the world for developing suits that feature breakthrough innovations such as Firepaste, LIMBC, AngelLight and many more. His latest creation, the Trojan, is a labor of love that cost a whooping $150,000 and 1,800 hours of hard work. This is the first full-bodied exoskeleton ballistic armor suit which was built especially for coalition troops who are stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hot spots around the world. Law enforcers are also part of the people who would be able to benefit from this futuristic looking space age suit that seems to jump out of the Halo videogame series.

The Trojan basically covers 95% of the user’s body, boasting a flexibility level of 90%. You won’t feel hampered or disabled wearing this exoskeleton as you are able to perform everyday tasks such as driving, running at full-tilt, climb stairs, and even conduct dive roll manoeuvers without a hitch. Weighing a mere 30 pounds minus the Trojan shield, virtually any combat-trained personnel are able to don this suit without suffering from exhaustion after a short while.

Features include a laser tracking system and 5 L.E.D. light spectrums (can you say Predator?), a voice recorder, a voice activated pedometer, a digital electronic compass, integrated storage space for salt tablets and morphine pills, a digital thermometer, a solar-powered built-in intake cooling fan, a throwing knife, a medical emergency light transponder and much more. This is one mean combat armor, capable of stopping bullets fired from handguns and shotguns at point blank range. The current bid stands at $30,411, which is far below the reserve price, making it quite the bargain.

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Not Important Says: February 10, 2007 at 9:40 am


I come here everyday, and as soon as I seen this, I went and put a bid on the Trojan suit! I couldn’t believe. And I am the current high bidder!!!

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