Passport 9500i Radar Detector

escort.pngSpeeding tickets? No thanks, I am good! Well, at least I will be once I get my hands on this new product from Escort. It is called Passport 9500i and apparently it is one of the best radar detectors on the market. In fact it won the “Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice” award.

Here is a quote from the official website: “Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation, the PASSPORT 9500i is the biggest breakthrough in radar and laser protection since the original ESCORT was launched in 1978. The PASSPORT 9500i redefines what a radar detector should do.”

Why the product is considered such a breakthrough though? Firstly because it operates not only as a radar detector but also as a GPS device. With the integration of the GPS the radar is able to offer advanced features such as:

  • Real time vehicle speed display
  • Permanent muting of known stationery sources of X-band & K-band falses
  • Identification of known speedtraps (non RADAR, such as Redlight cameras)
  • Speed sensitive radar reception sensitivity

The retail price of the device is $499. That is not the cheapest gizmo around, but hey depending on your driving habits you could break-even already on the first year (I certainly would!). You can read an extensive review about the product here. The guy mentions the user interface of the radar detector, how he used the advanced features and what was his driving impressions (if you are lazy the conclusion is the following: this is one of the best radar detectors ever produced!).

Reference: Escort Radar

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  1. Definitely a cool product. Love the TrueLock and Mark Location options. I had one radar detector before that probably cost me more than it saved, so I’m happy to have this one.

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