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by Mike

Plustek BookReader
If you’ve ever tried to scan a book, chances are you were severely disappointed. Sure, you’ll get most of the page, but you’ll also lose those words that make the sentences seem like a 6 year old wrote them, and not to mention all the black sides on the paper. . . I know you know what I’m talking about. Well, if you’re serious enough about your book scanning habits, you might want to look at the Plustek BookReader (unless you already have it).

It’s like an ordinary scanner, only smaller, actually, it’s the perfect size for a book. Imagine that. Using SEE technology (it’s an acronym, duh!), the scanner eliminates that book spine shadow, which is the fancy word for “black sides on the paper”, along with distorted lines. Another plus, as if we needed any more, you won’t damage the book’s spine, something that happens on your everyday scanners. Other than that, this scanner has nothing else unique. USB 2, 300 dpi black/white, easily use OCR software, one touch buttons, etc. Nothing really strikes you as awesome there, but at least they’re not bad features.

For the average home user, you’re better off just sticking with your standard scanner and getting above average results with the occasional trashed page. If you really need an exact copy, type it word for word into a text editor. But if you’re going to be doing tons of scanning, it may be worth the €245/$320. Otherwise, it’s probably not.

Product Page – [via OhGizmo!]

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