Patent Series Nr.2 – Baby Cage & Be The Bike

by Tiago

This post is part of the Patent Series – you can read number 1 about the Smokers Hat.

Ther are two patents for today that keep up with the same comic level as the previous, I don’t know what some of the people that filled these patents were thinking of, but hey, a stupid idea for some can be great idea for others – and “tastes” are not a matter of debate. Lets start…

Baby Cage

Baby Cage

For those lovely parents that like to sleep with babies on their bed, this is kind of a protection for the baby – you don’t want to hurt the small thing now do you? I think the idea is good but the design could be better, a cage isn’t the best thing for babies to remember on the following years, right? Just imagine your son going to the circus for the first time and seeing animals inside cages, what a coincidence…

Be The Bike

Be The Bike

When I look at the patent illustration all I can think of is pain – falling of this thing must hurt like… a lot. At least the name is original – Be The Bike – and yes, you will indeed be the bike with two wheels: one located on the front so you can position your hands, and one on the back for your legs. A big negative aspect of being this bike is that your legs will be strapped to the rear wheel, again, can you feel the pain? I certainly can.

There are no motors so gravity is your go juice and to activate the rear brakes you need to squeeze your knees together like a mobile ThighMaster.

Source: Totally Absurd

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Amanda Says: October 8, 2008 at 12:45 am

Frankly the baby shouldnt even me sleeping with you in the first place. expecially if its a newborn. even with this “baby cage” you’d have to get a bigger bed just so this cage, the baby, you and your partner fit on the bed. i wouldnt even consider using this so called cage if it hit the markets, the baby sleeping with you is one of the causes of SIDS so protected or not, its still unsafe for the baby!

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