Compact Analog Joystick could impact future devices positively


The analog joystick that is found on most gamepads is one of the better methods of interacting with a device, but unfortunately for those living a truly mobile lifestyle, the large size of the analog joystick makes it unwieldy to be used in a host of portable devices such as cellphones and even handheld consoles. What better way to work around this problem than this conceptual Compact Analog Joystick?

Many of us are familiar with the Sony Ericsson range of cellphones which come with a navigational joystick, but more often than not the tiny joystick is unable to keep up with the everyday rigors of use/abuse, malfunctioning pretty easily. The Compact Analog Joystick solves this problem as it can be stored safely back once you no longer need to use it. In order to access the joystick, just press it down and twist it in an anti-clockwise direction, and the joystick will then be released for use. It works the same way when you want to store it, and follows the same principle as that of child-proof locks you find on medicine bottles.

The wide range of devices where this telescopic analog joystick can be implemented is endless – cellphones and portable handheld consoles are just a few devices one can think of. At least your joystick remains safe and sound when you place the device in your pocket, and is easily accessible when required. The Compact Analog Joystick is currently in the conceptual stage, so there is no word on whether it will be brought to realization or not.

Source: Ubergizmo