Sony Ericsson counter-attacks!

sonyericsson.pngIt looks like Sony Ericsson will not stay watching while Nokia and Motorola expand their product offerings to gain market share on the mobile phone market. The company, in fact, recently announced not one but eight new mobile phones!

Four of those models are targeted at emerging markets (K200, K220,J110 and J120). Those mobile phones lack advanced features like 3G support or bluetooth connectivity, but they should be “good enough” for the average customer since they pack a digital camera and some multimedia functionalities.

Here is a quote from Sony’s press release: “Sony Ericsson today announces four new ‘candy bar’ phones that make it simple to stay in touch. Of the four, the K200 and K220 are both camera phones, whilst the K220 again and the J120 bring music into an affordable segment with integrated FM Radios, complete with headsets. All four, including the J110, display Sony Ericsson’s signature styling and premium feel, yet manage to keep simplicity and ease-of-use at the heart of their design.”

The other four phones are aimed at the higher end of the market. The W880 and W888 will enter the market featuring a stainless-steel finish, a 2 mega-pixel camera and memory sticks of 1GB which can store up to 900 songs.

Finally the company also extended its offering for the Cybershot camera phones with the introduction of the K810 and K550 models. The first four models will probably hit the market within the next couple of months.

Via: Yahoo News and Sony Ericsson