Nanobatteries, from mPhase, they’re probably just the future

by Fred

Nanobatteries, I sure love new words.mphase logo

A company called mPhase has been developing a nanomaterial based battery with some very amazing properties. When they reach scale for mass production their claims for their nanobatteries are that they will be recyclable, they will have indefinite shelf life (in case you need to use it 50 years from now), and instant usability (which if they are touting seems odd, as that’s what you expect from a battery).Nanobatteries, from mPhase r1

Traditional batteries, according to the mPhase site, have some built in limitations. They don’t lend themselves to miniaturization. They won’t work with production processes that put things on microchips, a big issue for such small things. They see the standard cost of materials as high. Finally, an issue on batteries I was previously unaware of which involves maintaining electrolytic separation (the energy generating chemicals from touching)

The plus side for these little buggers is huge! (follow the jump )

To begin, the process to make these nanobatteries fits right in with current semiconductor manufacturing

Nanobatteries, from mPhase r2

technology.  What that means is,, they’re easy to make! Keep in mind, most things people come up with don’t exactly fit in this category.

Next, they get to full power very quickly,, ummm, ok.  Don’t batteries work at full power a lot?  Well typically no, and with temperature variation they can be downright crappy, so this looks like a really good feature.

A wide range of battery chemistries can be used.  This helps so that different nanobatteries can be tailored for

different jobs (this is a good thing).  I myself am tired of using this darn RTG, plus I’m glowing.

Last, they’re cheap to produce.  This is magical to any industrial engineer, accountant, or marketing people you may have to get this by.

All in all this looks like a real winner.  So how about some samples mPhase?!  (Just kidding, I’ve got my RTG, I’m good).

Check this out, it’s the white paper from mPhase, for that extra technical data (prep for the .pdf).

Thanks to Gizmag

More importantly thanks to mPhase,, we’ll be looking forward to more goodness from you.

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