Animated Weather Forecaster comes with entertaining slant


animated-weather-forecaster.jpgHow many of you actually own some kind of home weather station at home? Most of the time, these personal weather stations offer nothing more than a myriad of readings that range from barometric pressure to the level where the mercury is at. The Animated Weather Forecaster is slightly different from the rest of the offerings as it comes with a miniature weatherman inside. This digitized avatar actually looks more like a boy who just hit puberty than anything else, but I’ll let that slip by for the moment. I guess the overall kiddy look is due to the fact that this device targets the children’s market rather than adults.

Since temperature readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements can be confusing for the young mind (you’ll be surprised to know that it still confounds some adults as well), it is only natural that the Animated Weather Forecaster lets you know what the weather will be like based on how the weather ‘boy’ dresses. He has a limited but functional wardrobe of 15 different outfits which depict what kind of condition it is outside. Just make sure you carry enough sunblock with you should he strip down to nothing more than a pair of swimming trunks.

The Animated Weather Forecaster also comes with a remote Swissprecision sensor that is located on the outside, gathering essential data regarding the weather while boasting features such as an automatically updated clock, an alarm clock system, sunrise and sunset times for designated cities, and even the different phases of the moon. The Animated Weather Forecaster is available from SkyMall for $39.95.

Source: OhGizmo!

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