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When the Nintendo Wii was released, most people wondered how motion sensing would really work in a video game, and most of them had a copy of Wii Sports bundled to try. Fortunately for Nintendo, nearly everyone who picked up Wii Sports realized how well the controls worked, with boxing providing hours of entertainment on end (along with broken TVs due to flying Wii-motes, but that is another can of worms). I guess it was only a matter of time before gaming hardware manufacturers thought about making boxing gloves that actually fit in the Wii-mote for a more authentic, bone crunching experience.

The Wii Boxing Glove currently retails for $22 and comes with one of the most spartan product descriptions ever seen on a game accessory. It conveys the message in three bullets – a high quality 3rd party product, enhances the joy of playing, and easy to use. You can’t get any more complicated than that, so why not fork out the dough and fit in both the Wii-mote and nunchuck into each glove before sparring with your opponent?

Kids ought to use these under adult supervision as I guess some of them might get too carried away while playing and using it to bash up their opponents in real life instead. At least the Wii Boxing Gloves reduces the chances of having any rogue Wii-motes fly out of control during the 10th round. Have any of you Wii owners picked up Wii gaming accessories such as there? If the answer is in the affirmative, kindly leave a comment on how it has enhanced your gaming experience.

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2 thoughts on “Wii Boxing Glove”

  1. these are crap i got some thinking thay wood be good as but thay the boxer stand in an out there way an for some reason thay dont to the moves u are thowing but insted random moves and there is no way to block with them on unless ya play like a handey cap wood be good for young kids bout thats bout it

  2. I agree with Thomas, boxing gloves don’t perform as one thought they should, very uncomfortable and awkword, deffinately for kids…

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