Patent Series Nr.1 – The Smokers Hat

After a one week and a half break on my part, I’m back in good shape to bring you some of the best concepts/patents ever created. Maybe best is not the right word to describe them, I think that idiotic or laughable is more proper and you will see why on the upcoming series. My plan is to reach at least 10 series, but as you know most plans always have some kind of problem and afterwards a stupid excuse, I hope that isn’t the case with mine…

Anyway, for now I present one useful but still idiotic patent:

Smokers Hat – US Patent Issued In 1989

Smokers Hat

Whoever made this hat had no problem with the awkward looks smokers would get from non-smokers, but the special hat actually protects them by sucking the smoke and more…

In a nut shell, the battery powered Smokers Hat sucks up the cigarette’s smoke and filters it, deodorizes it, ionizes it and spritzes a fresh scent near the exhaust fan before it spits it back out.

The best features can’t be seen on the patent image, and I will describe it as best as possible:

1 – there is clip so you can hang your cig there and have free hands to do whatever you want, don’t mind the smoke going to the hat and making it smell bad forever – you can clean it later.

2 – there is a “built-in” cig pack holder that can stand 40 cigs which is like 2 normal packs

Source: Totally Absurd