Fake Wowwee robots coming your way


wowwee-fake.jpgMost companies that manufacture counterfeit goods often pick up targets that are easy to replicate, take the iPod nano for example. There are tons of nano lookalikes that hail from China, and despite many of them boasting different brand names, peel off the cover and you get the same generic schematics underneath. Therefore, it is pretty rare to see a fake of what most people would deem to be an advanced electronic toy. JaiQi Toys decided to go against the grain by releasing an entire line of Wowwee rip-offs. Known as the “Bo Series”, this quartet of robots actually play their roles pretty well despite being an honest-to-goodness fake.

The Bo Series robots are capable of walking, turning, moving their arms about and even gripping onto objects just like Wowwee’s range can . In addition, there are a few dozen pre-programmed functions that are bound to captivate the attention of children and adults alike, ranging from picking up everyday objects to dancing, whistling, and burping. Not only that, you can be entertained by quite a number of moves that one only sees in a Kung Fu flick. Even the remote control looks to have been copied down to the letter.

Those who have always wanted one of those Wowwee robots but could never save up enough money to afford one can now pick up one of these JaiQi Toy creations. Powered by four D-cell batteries, the Robone, X-Robot, Robosaur, and Robodog offer you almost the same level of fun as the originals at what I suspect is a lower cost. The website does not list any prices, so you might just have to fire an e-mail to the company for more information.

Source: Engadget

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