X-Gate helps fight against paedophiles


x-gate.jpgAnyone with a broadband connection at home will definitely spend a better part of their time surfing the Internet, and it is no different whether one is an adult or a kid. As an adult, we take responsibility over the welfare of our kids, and that responsibility does not stop when it comes to surfing the Internet. With the technological explosion happening all over the world, it is imperative for parents to not only know where their kids are physically, they also need to be aware of their offsprings’ digital footprints. One can never know who the person behind a username smokescreen really is for a start, and this hidden identity is a strategy used by those preying on younger children. Do your part by picking up the X-Gate that helps secure your home’s Internet connection against any unwanted danger.

The X-Gate is a small but powerful device that shares roughly the same dimensions as your average ADSL modem. It comes with a whole host of security measures including a special algorithm that manages to pick out paedophiles who use grooming language when sniffing around for some easy prey. Once a potential threat is detected, the X-Gate will alert you via e-mail and a text message of this danger. You can respond to it by electronically eavesdropping on the chat conversation, ban the suspect from chatting with your child, or even shut down the computer remotely.

In addition to the security measures mentioned, the X-Gate also doubles up as an ADSL modem and can protect up to a quartet of computers that are sharing a single broadband connection. Of course, the entire X-Gate package prevents unauthorized spam, blocks hackers from obtaining your passwords and sensitive information, and even filters out harmful viruses that could cripple your system. Those who are interested in the X-Gate can pick it up for approximately $196.

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