Crikey still no Mac tablet,,, or will there be?

ARRRRGHH!!! So I still want a tablet from Apple.Mac tablet


However, I do have to say, it looks like the iPhone is out to change all the mobiles on the planet for the better. Thank you Steve!! Don’t worry, I’ll come back to that,, it has bearing on this conversation.


Due to the dogged determination of the boys at that big fruit stand in Cupertino they’ve turned out a sweet piece of hardware in the iPhone. As long as the FCC (ask the Family Guy crew about them) allows the little glass, plastic, steel, and silicon wonder that is the iPhone to exist, (why not unlocked I may ask) mobiles should all be different within a year.


So we have that to look forward to, but we also have the genesis of the data created from the iPhone project to look forward to, and that’s where the real rewards are going to happen from Apple.


If the new screens on the macbooks, are the same technology as used on the iPhone, will all their new monitor screens for their laptops operate in the same manner? If this is true (a stretch I’ve made, but likely plausible) thus making all the new Apple screens tablet screens?


According to Business 2.0’s article here on the Apple touchscreen patent. Additionally if you go out and read the article by Adam Penenberg from Fast Company this month (Feb 2007). Putting these thoughts together with another here from Gizmodo about LED displays. Some really juicy questions begin to appear.

The most interesting bit of info regarding all of that is found in the splash page to the Fast Company article in a small graphic on the right side showing just how the touch screen system developed by Jeff Han (here’s his TED talk video) operates. Here’s the kicker,, it’s a simple L.E.D. pointing laterally into the screen coupled with an acrylic screen measuring scattered light from the pressure of touching the screen. What this could mean is that those “LED monitors” everyone is talking about could be the perfect ruse for the new touchscreen operation Apple could be rolling out.

The rough part here is that this is all speculation on my part, but the science is there, Apple has the patents (see below), the experience (Newton-iPhone), as well as the pockets to pull it off, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Also, when you realize that all the main PC players have gotten more into tablets and yet Apple a notoriously graphic design heavy user-base (read, almost everyone ) spend their days drawing.

These people only draw, and draw so much so that if you ease their mental load (by reducing the repetitive non-screen drawing motions, hand eye coordination mouse drawing) couple that with their absolute undying faith in the all powerful Fruit Stand. If Apple rolls out a truly gratifying “Tablet” and I’m putting that in quotes because it’sapple insider patent image likely to roll out in a way we weren’t ready for, well let’s just say be ready for what might be next.

The big question left is will Stevie J. allow his netizens to continue to use a keyboard or not?

My two cents, keep the keyboard, still gotta type those blogs!!

Oh yeah, and if this all happens,,, I’m making the switch (somewhere people are laughing).


Hey, I’ve never asked,, if I’m right about my own predictions,, Apple won’t make me disa,,,,,,,,,,,



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