Time to dance to some Jedi grooves


ubergizmo-lightsaber.jpgThis unique lightsaber is supposed to come with 8GB of internal memory to store all the intergalactic musical favorites while you are busy navigating your X-Wing through the Death Star trench. Apparently the presence of an LCD display along the lightsaber’s handle provides all the basic information regarding the song being played at the moment. Navigation is made possible by turning the base of the hilt in the preferred direction. The MP3 Lightsaber definitely takes a different method of controlling your playlist for those seasoned iPod veterans.

Additional features include a 25W R.M.S. speaker located at the hilt, but if you want to just enjoy your music in private, you can always hook up a Bluetooth-enabled headset. The two USB 2.0 ports are available for you to transfer your digital music library, and I’m sure if R2-D2 spoke USB, he’d be busy uploading his thoughts to your lightsaber as well.

Ubergizmo has done this spoof article on the MP3 Lightsaber that has gotten some people confused as to the authenticity of the device, and reading between the lines will reveal that there is no such MP3 player available in the market at the moment. Still, it is an idea worth toying with and I wonder whether there are any gadget manufacturers who are willing to pick up this concept and produce an actual working model. 10,000 Republic credits to purchase one? I suppose I will need to keep my band at Cantina going for at least a few more months before I can actually purchase one.

Source: Ubergizmo

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