Switchable glass does windows and mirror



We all welcome natural heat that filter through the windows during cold, winter months, but feel otherwise whenever summer rolls around. Japanese scientists have been working hard to design a new kind of technology that turns windows into mirrors, depending on the surrounding environment. These switchable mirror glasses are meant to be realistically compatible in all forms of buildings, houses, and cars. Imagine what looks like disappearing windows within a building whenever the weather gets too hot.

Each switchable glass is made from glass that has an adjustable transparency or color, and specifically for this case, reflective properties. The switchable film in question is a magnesium-titanium alloy which is coated onto the 24″ x 28″ windows structure. Despite facing competition from other similar switchable glasses available in the commercial market, the scientists who created this variant claims that it is extremely energy efficient and does not turn into a yellow tint that makes it unsuitable for driving or clear viewing. This is made possible by changing the gas content between both glass panes, where a tiny amount of oxygen with no hydrogen turns it into a reflective mirror, while it becomes a transparent window otherwise.

Scientists expect energy savings of up to 30% when this switchable glass is applied in homes, offices, and cars, since the need for air conditioning is reduced. They are currently working on maximizing the durability of this switchable glass in order to reduce the entropy that results from constant switching. I still wonder about the commercial viability of such a development as staying in a building full of mirrors can get confusing and disorient many.

Source: Physorg

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