MouseTrapper Advance hates mice


I’m not too sure what the inventor(s) of the MouseTrapper Advance has against good old computer mice, but apparently there is enough hate to work on a gadget that eliminates the use of mice totally when it comes to using the PC. This device from Sweden supposedly removes the need to use any mice when you are going about your office work, hence lowering the risk of picking up some nasty repetitive stress injury many years down the road.

The MouseTrapper Advance provides mouse-like navigation through the use of your thumbs. All you need to do is reach for the steering pad without lifting your hands from the original typing position and you will swill be able to navigate around quite comfortably. Build quality is pretty good, judging by the product description. The pad is made from a combination of fabric and a grip-friendly design to ensure maximum comfort.

I’m not too sure how the gaming community will react to such a peripheral, but chances are the response will be weak or non-existent. There is still no better combo than using both keyboard and mouse, whether it involves fragging your opponent in a frantic deathmatch or trying to outwit each other in a RTS. Sure, some people might want to claim the bragging rights of defeating their opponents without using a mouse, but those people are few and far between. The MouseTrapper Advance currently retails for £169.95, which is extremely expensive by any standard.

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