Doctors love the iPod, too


The mental image that most people have when the word ‘doctor’ flashes across their mind is that of a bespectacled person wearing a long, white uniform along with a stethoscope hanging around the neck. Unfortunately for doctors, there are certain times and situations that do not allow them to perform their duty satisfactorily whenver they are out of the office (read: hospital/clinic) due to the amount of external noise. Thinklabs has conjured out a solution by including one of the most iconic gadgets of our time – the iPod nano.

This unique Thinklabs Stethoscope Recording Package comes with the Thinklabs ds32a Digital Stethoscope, a 2GB iPod nano, and the XtremeMac MicroMemo iPod Recording accessory which enables you to record and playback sounds between the ds32a and the iPod. In addition, doctors who sometimes have too many things on their mind can always use the iPod and Micromemo to record voice notes or even lectures at a medical conference.

The ds32a is actually a dianostic stethoscope that boasts unrivalled natural sound quality. With a user-friendly design and 50x amplification, you can be sure that even in the noisiest of environments, this stethoscope can still pick up faint heart sounds from obese patients. If you purchase each part individually, the entire set will cost you $650, but Thinklabs is currently offering all these for a mere $495.

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