Fix that posture of yours

by Mike

Visomate Posture Corrector
If you’re a member of the “terrible posture group”, you might like this next gadget, the Visomate USB Vision and Posture Reminder. It might not fix your posture instantaneously, but it’s probably worth a try. Or you could just stay hunched over the computer your entire life and end up with 20/1,000 vision. It’s your choice.

The little pod-ish device sits on top of your monitor. It will gently remind you to keep your distance, you know, monitors need their personal space just like you. Don’t worry, it won’t beep obnoxiously, spray you with unremovable ink, or turn off your computer. Instead, a simple LED will start flashing. Once you’ve leaned to close, you’ll notice a red LED flashing and sit back. Once back in the “safe zone” a solid blue LED will go on. I just hope you can actually read the text when you realize you’ve been to close to the screen for the past few years. If you’ve got USB ports to spare, why not get this? I mean there’s a possibility it’ll end up helping you. Admittedly, I’d like this a lot more if it had a few more features, namely have a USB hub built in. I thought everything had one of those these days.

$26 will get you the Visomate USB Vision and Posture Reminder. Sure, it’s a tad pricey for something you could do yourself, but unlike yourself, the Visomate won’t forget to remind you unless you unplug it.

Product Page – [via ubergizmo]

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