Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is calling me now?


callerid-mirror.jpgSo you’ve just moved into your new pad and you want to dress it up as nice as possible. Apart from having to order plenty of furniture (where else are you going to plant your ass while enjoying that lovely 100″ plasma HDTV?), you definitely need to fill up your home with tons of electrical appliances. And for ladies who married geeks, this is a great time of bonding as both of you can actually share the joy of purchasing both furniture and appliances simultaneously, ensuring a harmony is maintained between teakwood chairs and Xbox 360s.

As with every other home, it is also essential to have a telephone despite the vast advances of the Internet and other methods of communication. In a new home, any other ordinary telephone just won’t do – what you really want is the 2.4GHz Lifestyle Cordless Phone that comes with a mirror. This mirror has a twofold purpose – to act as a cosmetic piece of furniture and a display that shows the caller ID whenever there is an incoming call.

The mirror can be mounted on a wall or left on a desk, depending on your preference. Features of this 2.4GHz cordless phone includes a handset speakerphone for moments where you are just too occupied to sit down and talk, polyphonic ringtones for some variety, and a phonebook which can store up to 50 numbers. In addition, you can project the last 40 caller ID numbers on the mirror just in case you forgot who called you earlier, while the built-in alarm clock works great with the essential snooze function for lazybones like me. You can pick up the 2.4 GHZ Lifestyle Cordless Phone with Caller ID Mirror for $49.95 today.

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