Bye Bye Standby helps keep power bills down



Saving electricity ought to be a very big issue in any home, as power costs can really go through the roof no matter which part of the world you live in – air conditioners are a must for those living along the Equator, while places that experience winter have to grapple with heating issues. Why not help your family save some dough with the assistance of a gadget since your non-stop nagging always falls on deaf ears? The Bye Bye Stanby range of power saving devices (cute name) was designed to help reduce carbon emissions simply by virtue of cutting power off appliances completely, even when in standby mode.

This unique device features Plug and Play capability, so there is no need to tear up your home’s wiring and start all over. Just plug it into any available power outlet and hook up the rest of your appliances and you’re good to go. Each Smart Socket is capable of holding up to a quartet of devices, and if you want more control, you can always manually control them. The Bye Bye Standby comes with a remote control that has a range of 30 meters.

I’m not sure how much power a device consumes when in standby mode, but apparently research by the manufacturer shows that one can save up to £38 off the power bill annually. That isn’t really much when you think about it, but multiply that amount by millions of households and you get a pretty spiffy number. Imagine families donating half that money saved to help out a starving nation, it would definitely and literally have made a whole world of difference. The Bye Bye Standby is compatible with any appliance up to 3000W.

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