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wifi-link.jpgOur sister site Game Addicts has a couple of hardware reviews up, and we will look at them briefly. As everyone knows, the Nintendo DS Lite is one sexy piece of hardware when compared to the DS Phat, but the smooth, shiny surface scratches all too easily and is a prime target for oily fingerprints and other unwanted marks. This is where the Hori Protective Case for the Nintendo DS Lite comes in handy – for just $15, you get to protect your $129 investment, leaving the case to absorb all the nasty scratches, knocks, and prints while maintaining the DS Lite’s original, pristine condition.

The Hori Protective Case covers both the front and back of the DS Lite, leaving all both shoulder buttons, game slots, and headphone jack accessible. You can now slide your DS Lite into a bag or pocket without fear of scratching it accidentally. Overall, the Hori Protective Case is one of the better investments a DS Lite owner can make.

The other piece of hardware under scrutiny is the third party WiFi Link. This USB-powered device is extremely easy to use – just plug it into any available USB port, install the necessary drivers, and ensure the connection options are up to par and you’re good to go. Of course, it works not only as a gateway for you to connect with other Nintendo DS owners all over the world, but you can also turn your Internet-enabled computer into an access point automatically. The WiFi Link also works with the Sony PSP, and has an effective working range between 7 to 10 meters. You can pick both products up from Brando for $15 and $35 respectively.

Source: Game Addicts

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