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Everybody knows that tower computers can be really noisy, especially those which come with souped up specifications inside. Sometimes, the noise of all the fans whirring in harmony with each other are loud enough to drive anyone mad as they try to concentrate on the task at hand. What other ways are there to reduce the non-stop buzzing sound? Is it possible to just tuck away the computer somewhere while you sit in front of nothing but the mouse, keyboard, and monitor? Apparently, Matrox thinks so by unveiling the Extio F1220.

This device enables you to stash away that noisy computer remotely within a limited range, such as the closet or basement, using a fat pipe instead that runs between your computer to a box where the monitor, USB devices, and speakers are plugged into. This wired connection ensures that there is no lag where data travel is concerned. This solution is one which many office workers would love to have, but unfortunately for them, it may not be cheap (pricing on request), as an alternative you could always get a water-cooled system.

Overall, the Matrox Extio F1220 Remote Graphics unit targets those who are working for AV post-production and sound recording studios as well as TV and radio broadcasting environments. There is a wide range of connectivity involved, featuring audio, a couple of FireWire connections, and up to half a dozen USB ports.

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