It’s kinda like monkeys without all the poop flinging

There are many magnetic toys.Acrobots

They tend to stick to each other, magnetically of course. They can be fun and mildly amusing.

Sometimes you can even mess with someone if they’ve got metal in their body (pacemakers can be fun, but tend to really piss people off!)

Here’s a great new bit from ThinkGeek that’s got it all down.

They’re called Acrobots!  They look like a ton of fun, and they’re only about 7-13$. Not bad!

I think it’d be fun to use them as an armature for making models and mockups of new things.  What joy would it bring you to know that inside that beautiful little design you are working on, you’re torturing a little man of magnets and bolts!!


Ok, that was weird, but you can’t say they don’t look like fun!

Link to Uncrate

Link to buy it.