Snack Helmets


Snack Helmets

I’m not a follower of American Football (I did watch the Chicago Bears in the times of “The Refrigerator”) but as with any sport if you’re going to be an armchair supporter you need a supply of beer and snacks, which is where the Snack Helmets come in.

You can get snack helmets to match your favourite team and each has two compartments for your favourite match day food.

Full-size plastic helmets are equipped with a lift-out, dishwasher- and microwave-safe snack bowl plus a removable dip tray, with divider, behind the face guard. A real head-turner on your tailgate buffet! 32″x14.8″x9.8″.

Snack Helmets are available from Amazon for $44.99 unless you support a crap lesser known team then you can pick one up half price. Found via Uncrate.

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