Rmantic Talking Plastic


Talking Plastic TapeIf you want to get a “different” gift for your loved one and boy do I mean different then this is it, Valentine’s Day Talking Tapes, plastic that talks in your head!

You get 5 plastic strips in the pack and to listen to their messages you need to hold one end between your teeth and then run a fingernail across the grooves down the the length of the plastic strip. The secret messages (well not so secret as we’ll share them in a minute) will then resonate in your head, sweet. If you want to share the message with an audience you can always use a paper cup instead of your teeth to resonate the sound (video).

You get the following romantic (and not so romantic) messages in the pack

  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • I Love You
  • Hello Sweetheart
  • You Turn Me On
  • I’m a Jackass

Show your love with plastic (the cheap way), available from Think Geek for $5.99.

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