Classic Child’s Vespa

by Tiago

Classic Child’s Vespa

Offering a little motor bike to your 5 year old child might not be the best idea, but considering that this one can only go at 5mph that shouldn’t be a problem in terms of security and damage that it might cause for your loved one, or can it?

Inside the Classic Vespa there are 2 motors that will make the child using it feel like the great Ayrton Senna of the bikes, if the child in case doesn’t go to MacDonalds often he/she will probably weight less than 85lbs which is the limit of usage. As I previously mentioned, the speed limit on this Vespa is only 5mph and this can be achieved with the help of a 12V battery and the 2 electric motors of course. To make it look like a real bike there are some cool details, like sounds, lights and two rear-view models.

Another point you should take in consideration when deciding the purchase of this small bike is the quality. Yes, it is all made of hard plastic but the important thing (or not) is the creators and history behind it, I mean, it is called the Classic Child’s Vespa for a reason. Strangely enough, it was licensed by the creators of the original Vespa, also known as Piaggio. On other news, this Vespa is made by Peg Perego which is a famous company that creates these kind of products for kids, they have been doing it for the last 50 years so it is a good signal.

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Rob Says: February 9, 2007 at 10:08 am

BTW, this is not a classic Vespa design, but a more contemporary one. The rounded cowls are nice, but the front is all 2000s.

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