Playskool develops DAPs for babies


How many digital audio players or portable media players are there in today’s market that cater specifically to young children and pre-schoolers? Practically none when you take a closer look at all the offerings. Playskool, a company that will definitely ring a bell with generations of kids as well as some grown-ups, has finally decided to take the plunge by entering the MP3 player market for toddlers and babies. This line of digital audio players are made possible after collaborating with Creative.

There are a couple of models to consider if you’re a set of tech-savvy parents who want to start your offspring down into the world of perennial upgrades and constant improvements. The Infant Gym is actually an amalgamation of a ceiling mobile and an MP3 player, where the digital audio player comes pre-loaded with a bunch of baby-friendly songs. Of course, it goes without saying that you can also load your preferred tunes (I heard that Mozart and other classical music will help improve your baby’s IQ) or even a recording of your voice.

The other model is the Day to Dream Soother that rides on the same idea except that it projects lights on the ceiling instead, with a separate digital audio player performing the musical playback. The Infant Gym retails for $40 while the Day to Dream Soother is slightly cheaper at $35. The standalone digital audio player retails for $80. All three items will be made available for purchase this fall. It goes without saying that parents are suckers for everything that will give their child a competitive boost, but this kind of tech nurturing could return and bite them many years down the road when the kids clamor for the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 5 and 1TB iPod.

Source: MobileMag

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