I Spy with my Tie…


spy-tie.jpgIf the man in your life is a techology geek who cannot seem to have enough gadgets in the house, it can be quite a headache knowing what to get him for his birthday or your anniversary. After all, he probably knows more about gadgets than what you can find on the Internet (partly attributed to him reading Coolest Gadgets, of course), so it can be quite a tricky thing to please him. Getting yet another iPod is lame, so what are the other alternative gift items? How does a Spy Tie sound to you?

This unique piece of fashion is melded with the latest technology to create a Bond-like aura whenever you put it on. Sure, it is no piece of haute couture but then again, how many ties do you have in your wardrobe that comes with an extremely high resolution CCD pinhole camera that is discreetly hidden and is capable of recording up to 280 minutes’ worth of video, depending on the size of the memory card used?

In addition, the video recorder also boasts an integrated monitor and a remote control unit. The 2.4″ TFT LCD monitor makes it possible for you to review what you have just recorded, and there are up to 4 recording modes to choose from. You can either set it to automatic, manual, motion detection, or scheduled. This Spy Tie accepts SD cards as the recording media of choice, supporting up to 4GB worth of data. Unfortunately, the device has a battery life of only 1 hour so having so much space is pretty pointless. Oh yeah, another major stumbling block would be the price – you would have to fork out a cool $1,300 for the Spy Tie. Does anyone have a D.I.Y. solution?

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