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desktop-stress-reliever.jpgIt is Monday (already), and you have a never ending pile of work coming your way, your kids are sick, one of them is still mourning for a dead pet, your wife is having PMS, your colleagues are being unreasonable, and your boss requires you to stay back till late this week since it is crunch time for one of the projects. There is only so much stress you can take, and you feel that the veins at the side of your head are throbbing so badly, they are on the verge of exploding. The fact that the office phone is ringing incessantly doesn’t help either, and you found a fly in your coffee which was incorrectly mixed by the tea lady. Just when you’re about to explode and commit foul murder on whoever that walks by, you realize that there is a cheap solution to all this unwanted anger and stress – the Desktop Stress Reliever toy.

This toy consists of a launch pad and a rocket that is made from some form of soft, malleable material ala sponge. Whenever you feel that your blood pressure has risen beyond what you can handle, let it all out by banging on the launch pad with your fist. Of course, it will definitely scare everyone around you in the beginning, but they would prefer to see you launch the rocket with the force of your fist rather than being on the receiving end of all that pent-up frustration. The Desktop Stress Reliever toy retails for £5.95.

Source: Crazy About Gadgets

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Cameron Neal Says: May 15, 2008 at 6:43 am

How can you actually bang a desk like you bang a peson like having sex, becaus ei have a huge obsetion with banging hard things and my mate gave me an idea about banging a desk……..?????? Im being 100% sereous

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