Is a spare head an extra gadget?

by Fred

Yeah, I said it.Monkey Heads (thanks family guy!)

What are you going to do about it?

Yes, there are a lot of persistence of vision type projects where pictures are constantly taken of everything people do all day, every day. It’s a wonderful Microsoft project with some really cool results regarding logic, storage, and recollection. Just ask Gordon Bell here (it’s a great article from Fast Company) or (this link here to Microsoft research) who can’t forget anything, as it’s all recorded. Be looking for this level of functionality on Microsoft’s likely response to the iPhone in the coming years (with tons of gigabytes of storage no less, 6 Gb, feh!)

But what if you didn’t want to remember everything. Would you want a spare brain? Well try this on for size.

In Soviet Russia (where technology watches you) in the 50’s a Dr. Demikhov experimented with grafting an additional head onto a dog.

I know you response, and,,

well, you’re right.


The scariest thing is, 10 years later, a US doctor named White did the same thing again! Only this time rather than do the old tired “Have two dog’s heads on one dog” trick. He just plain old swapped out monkey heads.

Yes, that’s right, Dr. White (did he ever work on the game Clue? Anyone?) Stuck one living Monkey’s head,, onto a different monkey’s body, (they had,, uhhh, “removed” that particular monkey’s head just for this experiment of course).

You should really check the full article I found over at Medgadget. It is fantastic!

Monkey Heads!!!! (also if you love beer, Triple Rock Brewing Company does a great “Monkey Head” Thursday nights, don’t miss it!) and yes, if you’ve been there, I earned the shirt!

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