Hydrabrush speeds up your brushing

by Mike

If you’ve gone to the dentist in the last 10 years, you’ve probably been told that for the best results when brushing you should use an electric toothbrush for 2 minutes twice a day. Some people follow that regimen exactly, but for the lazy people in the world, 2 minutes is just a bit to long to spend brushing your teeth. Now, how does 40 seconds sound? Well, you really have no excuse for not brushing your teeth properly if you own the toothbrush that will give you a complete, thorough brush in 40 seconds.

Unlike those regular brushes, the Hydrabrush boasts a total of 8 different micro brushes that completely surround your teeth and gums. Because of that, you can get a perfect brush in a mere 40 seconds instead of standard 2 minutes. Another advantage, which I’ve already mentioned, is that the Hydrabrush helps cleans your gums, something that people generally neglect. And to help you transition into using the Hydrabrush, the package includes two sets of bristles, an ultra soft version for gentle gums and a regular bristle set for those with regular gums. While this is definitely a cool gadget, I’m not sure if a dentist would recommend it, but who knows, maybe it even does a better job that regular brushes. I’d be surprised if it did though.

The Hydrabrush isn’t a concept design, it’s available for purchase right this very moment, you’ll just have to hand over $100 for the opportunity. Yep, that’s a little more expensive than those cheap tooth brushes you pick up at the store. But come on, think of the time you’ll save! To be exact: 160 seconds a day, or about 16 hours every year.

Product Page – [via GizWizbiz]

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