Keep your wallet organized with the iCache

If you went to your wallet right now and pulled out every single card in there, be it a debit/credit card, bank card, grocery card, library card, school ID, etc. you’ll probably find you’ve got quite the collection. The iCache aims to reduce all that clutter in your wallet by combining every single one of those cards into one little device, sounds cool, eh? And no, there’s not a built-in speaker that will play your iPod on this gadget, sorry to bum you out.

Although it won’t play your iPod, it looks a bit like one and has a similar form factor. When you first get your iCache, you go online and register all your cards with the device, then you use the iCache card for purchases, which is essentially a universal card. Basic use is like this: you select the card you wish to use from the iCache’s screen, and then your iCache card is temporarily loaded with that data. So if you want to use your Visa to buy a pair of shoes, your iCache card will become your Visa card. Now, when dealing with things like credit cards and banking cards, security needs to be the top priority, and thankfully iCache has taken this into consideration. Before you can even activate the device, you need to scan your fingerprint on the built-in reader and card information simply disappears from the iCache card after 10 minutes. Whether that’s enough security remains to be seen, and at least we know the technology can only get better, right?

Currently you can’t buy or even get pricing information on the iCache, as the company is still trying to get other companies (as in banks and credit card companies) to jump onto their bandwagon and sign on to the idea. This device may never even be released, you never really know for sure.

Product Page – [via Popgadget]