Audiophile,, quick, what’s it sound like?!

I am a little room

Thanks to the joys of Digg, I came across this.

(awkward pause).

Ummm,,, I’m not quite sure where to begin on how this person has:

A LOT of free time

A LOT of extra money burning horrifying holes in their pocket

Seriously good ears (or at least think they do)

One heck of a collection of music.

I am astounded, jealous, and a little confused.

Wow. Follow the jump and DEFINITELY follow the link.

Extra point for identifying all the components and carbon fiber goodies.

So uhh, when you’re a serious audiophile, (I’m reminded that sounds a lot like pedophile in terms of creepiness)music room apparently extremes are never enough. That seems like a good plan in this particular situation.

As you can see below, rather than muddle up this human’s sizeable home, they opted for an AudioBarn.

I think there is no more appropriate term.

Who knows what true wonders lie in the other rooms. I think this is where our true inner geek’s mind is allowed to wander.

Room 2 likely holds a similar room setup, only in lieu of crazy audio, it’s crazy video game/computer room, where the whole front wall is a projection monitor.

“Captain Kirk, your man room is ready.” Is likely to be heard room

The next room is likely to contain all manner of wood and metalworking materials to help him with,,,

Room 4 (for those of you keeping score of the ultimate Man Barn (ladies, you tell me it’s female owned and I’ll plotz, there’s not a snuggly pillow to be found for miles, and the decor is strictly “Guy listening to lots of music ALONE.”)) Yes, room 4 is the garage for the shifter karts, that’s right, shifter karts.

While I’ve entirely made up the realities of rooms 2 through 4, Room 1 is REAL! Jealousy, it rages within someone,,,music room

Oh, and remember.

People judge you not by the size of your feet, but by whether your socks match- Space Ghost