New Panasonic Laptops – Y5, T5 and W5

by Tiago

Panasonic - Y5

Yesterday I talked about the Vaio laptops which will be Windows Vista ready and available on January 30, the topic today turns to Panasonic and their new made-for-vista machines. Lets start with the best one, Panasonic Y5:

It comes with an Intel Core Duo L2500 processor @ 1.83GHz, which is like the triple of the performance of my old laptop. The display screen is SXGA and measures 14.4-inches – the biggest of all the new 3 notebooks, which consequently means that it is also the heaviest @ 1.49Kg. In terms of battery, the Y5 can hold up to 8 hours and a half without needing the support of a recharge or electricity.

Onto the next one, the Panasonic T5 is on the medium quality level, not too bad nor too good. The processor in this one is a Core Duo U2400 giving 1.06Ghz. The weight can be considerable light, only 1.26Kg and the battery life is the one that lasts more – 14 hours.

Panasonic T5

And last but not least, there is the W5 – the black sheep of the new family of Panasonic laptops. The processor is the same as the T5 but the weight and battery autonomy change for the worse – 1.19Kg and 10 hours and a half.

Panasonic T5

One good thing about all these notebooks (not Vista) is the good reaction for weight pressures and drops – they can support a weight of 100kg and a 30cm drop. You can also expect the following usual features to be included: DVD writer + bluetooth + WiFi + coffee machine?

[found at Akihabara]

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Keylogger Says: January 23, 2007 at 8:25 am

I’m useing CF-Y5 and it is nearly perfect except 2 flaw:
1) The power-on light often glare my eys.
2) Both 2 USB ports are on the right-side, but I need one in left.

Overall it is a perfect notebook. I love it.

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