New Vaio Laptops – Type C, F and G

by Tiago

Vaio Type C

The laptop manufacturer also known as Vaio (subbrand of Sony) has come up with a couple of new and interesting notebooks, of the new 5 devices I will only mention 3 but there are different settings that can please everyone you know – and don’t know.

So, lets start with the Vaio Type C which seems to be the most colorful option. In this model I think they went more for the looks instead of performance, this can be a good or bad factor depending on your ability to judge a computer.

There are 6 different colors you can choose from, including: black, pink, white, light blue, gray and light green; on the technical specifications the “Type C” has a couple of interesting options:

  • Core 2 Duo T7400, T7200 or T5500, or a Celeron M430 CPU
  • 512MB to 2GB of RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 GPU graphic card (that’s what I meant for young people)
  • 60 to 120GB hard-disk
  • The next item on the list is the Vaio Type F, which is considered the all-in-one multimedia laptop – it even has a remote control. The bigger specs on this model are the hard-drive that can have up to 200GB of storage, and
    another interesting point goes for the webcam located on top of the screen.

    Vaio Type F

    The Vaio Type G is more worried about the protection and therefore it is a “robust”, “strong”, “rugged” laptop that will soften up the impact on crashes or occasional bumps. We already reported about the Vaio Type G a couple of months ago, but this seems to be an upgraded version with better specifications in terms of storage capacity, processor, and Ram memory.

    Vaio Type G

    Along with all the other laptops this G will also be shipped with the new Windows Vista.

    [found at AkihabaraNews]

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