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Money Maze Gift

I always think it’s a bit of a cop out giving people cash or gift certificates as presents (though if somebody wants to shower me with cash I won’t complain) and besides choosing the gift is half the fun. I came across a cool compromise today, the Money Maze.

With the money maze the recipient has to navigate a ball bearing around a maze before they can get at the enclosed monetary gift, so they’ve got to work for their pressie (it may be an idea to hand over the gift after they’ve had a few Birthday drinkies :))

The money maze is available from Firebox for £11.95, but make sure you’ve got enough cash left to put in it.

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Fred Says: January 16, 2007 at 9:57 am

Hah! We got one of these for our wedding, best of all, there was a sizeable chunk of change hidden inside, we had no idea for months as they had placed VERY crisp new bills inside so they weren’t very visible.
Eventually we were showing a friend our “crappy” wedding gift when he said,, umm, did you look farther inside?
Hidden behind the lame and fake purple bill, was,, ok let’s just say I sent a second thank you note (it was weird, they always were wonderful friends, we later realized they are REALLY wonderful friends (2 months later!))
So yes, it’s a great gift (especially if you hide money waay inside it!)

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