IntelliScanner Mini helps your organize your life

by Mike

IntelliScanner Mini
Keeping my E-mail, music, video, and photos organized is pretty easy, it just takes a few minutes of setting up different folders on my hard drive or, in some cases, just opening up iTunes or Gmail. As far as anything non-digital goes, forget it, I couldn’t tell you where half of the stuff I own is. Cataloging your entire wine collection, comic collection, book library, and games isn’t exactly something you want to do by hand. Looking up the ISBN number of 50 different books on Amazon isn’t the ideal way to spend a Saturday. What you could do is use the new IntelliScanner Mini to scan the barcodes of all of your items and have them be indexed automatically.

At about the size of a key fob, this tiny little scanner is something you can take with you on your keychain, hopefully reminding you to scan in any new books, DVDs, or games you get. With one push, you can scan your item. Then the software goes in and takes the title of the item and searches various internet databases to get all sorts of information about the item. Examples are DVD summaries, actors, and cover art, CD track names and cover art, and wine maturity levels (if only I knew what that was). Now, if your friends have the habit of borrowing DVDs and then never giving them back, you can use the DVD portion of the software to track which DVDs you’ve lent to who. Of course your friend could just take the DVD without telling you. 😛

For you to want to go out and pick up a IntelliScanner Mini, you need to have a big desire to get organized. Why? It’s $300 for the package (scanner, software, lanyard) If you’ve got a Mac, get Delicious Library, it does just about the same thing for $40.

[via Gizmag]

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Mac Fan Girl Says: June 6, 2007 at 3:27 pm

This product is a complete WASTE of money! Do NOT buy it, because if you, like me, find it to fall short of your expectations, then you are STUCK. They will not accept a return for a refund. I am so aggravated right now that they will not allow me to return this item, that I am beginning my online buzz that these people are crooks and they should not be trusted. With no way to trial run or demo the product you’re only choice is to purchase it and try it. You’re trapped! I found this out the hard way, do NOT make the mistake that I did! Their software is clunky and not as powerful as you might think. There are tons of bugs and don’t get me started on how overpriced the item is!!!

Bad product Says: December 14, 2009 at 10:18 am

This item as stated already is a complete waste of money. The software is stilted and not useful, and the customer support takes 3 days to call you back. Additionally, the whole package retails at $400. All in all, this product is a complete waste of money. If you are considering using it to do your wine cellar, use That’s what I am using now.

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