Novint Falcon controller thing

by Marc


The title is deliberately vague, because it’s so different to anything out there that I can’t draw a comparison with anything else. I think we’ll stick with “controller” as that’s nice and generic.

The basic idea is that you manipulate the ball in X and Y axis, just like a mouse, but the controller can push back on any one of it’s three connecting arms. The end result is motion feedback unlike anything else I’ve experienced. It’s much more sophisticated than a standard “rumble pack” – with this thing you can feel whether you’re pushing through treacle or sliding along ice.

The ball head that you grip is detatchable so in theory it could be replaced with a gun, a joystick or something more specialised although right now you get a standard grip.

Software does need to be modified to make full use of the controller though so don’t expect to start using it with your favouite shooter right away. Novint are talking to publishers though so it may start showing up in your supported control list soon!

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Domele Says: September 1, 2009 at 9:43 pm

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