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by Marc


Home security is a growing business, and as the value of our contents increases (when we keep buying toys 🙂 ) the need to look after them becomes greater. LukWerks are demonstrating a neat video security system this year that will appeal to the tech-oritented consumer.

The system includes a variety of different cameras for different uses – indoor, outdoor and a “spy” camera housed in a desk clock. The cameras transmit their video signal via the power cables to a central distribution box, so there are no LAN cables and no wifi interference problems to worry about. The hub connects to a PC via USB and streams the incoming video off to windows media files.

The power of the system is in the software. There’s a very easy to use control system that can show live or recorded video from any of the connected cameras. The software also lets you define multiple zones for motion sensitivity on each camera – your bedroom camera could have a zone set around the window and another for the door for example so that if the system detects motion in either of those areas it will start recording. Setting a zone is as simple as dragging a box around a visible area on the camera’s field of view.

LukWerks also offer live streaming of any camera to a Windows Moble smartphone. We did try sending their demo content to my phone at the show but my UK based mobile doesn’t use any of the US high speed networks so connection just took forever and I gave up. I did see it working on a phone on the stand though.

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netguider Says: April 7, 2007 at 10:05 pm

Best system! I have six cameras, easy to set up, great pictures can view cameras anywhere.

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