Loc8tor Plus


We originally previewed the Loc8tor back in 2005, this year at CES we finally had a chance to play with one and also find out about the new Loc8tor Plus.

The Loc8tor is an interesting gadget that helps us find our other gadgets when we accidentally leave them lying around. With the new Loc8tor Plus it doesn’t only help in finding lost gadgets it also prevents us losing them in the first place.

With the original Loc8tor you’d attach a small tag to any gadgets you have a tendency to lose (remote controls, house keys, USB sticks, etc.) then when the inevitable happens and you’re rushing out the door and can’t find the that essential gadget to take with you, you just switch the Loc8tor on and use the radar like screen to locate the lost device.

The Loc8tor Plus takes this one step further and you can program it so that an alarm sounds whenever a tagged gadget moves out of a set range. So if you leave your keys in the house, the Loc8tor (which you’d have to make sure you never left behind) would sound an alarm to indicate your “remember the keys” brain cells had ceased to function.

Further info and availability over at Loc8tor.

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