Kleer’s iPod Nano Adapter gives you wireless audio

by Mike

Kleer iPod Nano Adapter
Nobody has really done wireless headphones right. In a best case scenario, the adapter is built right into your device and all you have to do is pop tiny wireless buds into your ears. We’re still not there yet, at least not on most devices, but there are some decent accessories on the horizon that will give you wireless audio, one being Kleer’s new Wireless iPod Nano Adapter.

This adapter is designed specifically for the Nano, not the 5G. Using it will add some thickness to your device, but if you’re leaving it in one spot and not pocketing it, that should be fine. Getting CD quality audio out of wireless headphones is something you would generally laugh at, but Kleer’s product actually delivers on this promise. By using the 2.4 ghz frequency, not some junky FM transmitter that produces static, you’ll get awesome audio quality. While this unit is iPod-only, Kleer is licensing their technology out to other companies; RCA is planning on incorporating, in the device itself, the technology in their upcoming Jet Stream MP3 player.

This still isn’t that knock-out solution everyone’s been looking for (widescreen iPod + wireless headphones), but it’s not a bad start. No prices or release dates have been announced yet, but who knows, this technology may be coming to an MP3 player near you. Still, even if the Zune had wireless headphones, I don’t think I’d ever buy one. The iPod, on the other hand, is a done deal.

[via OhGizmo!]

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Raj Says: May 26, 2009 at 12:43 pm

I been looking at a whole lot of electronics lately because I’m planning on building a top quality home theatre and sometimes I would come across an idea in my mind, “where could I be able to find wireless headphones with no problems with audio playback, but a pair that is small like regular ear piece headphones that would work with all devices not just for things I’m never gonna use, I don’t need any ipod i dont need any mp3 player but i wish i could get my hands on a pair of wireless headphones that would work with a laptop for example. perhaps with bluetooth technology somehow, or 2.4ghz etc. etc! or 2 wireless ear pieces and a tiny type of dongle that would plug into the headphone slot on a laptop, probably not possible yet but those would really come in handy.

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