The Gadget Way to Avoid Fake Mechanic Charges


I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m always exceedingly sceptical when I take my banger of a car in for a service and the smiling mechanic tells me it’s going to cost half a weeks wages to fix a problem I can’t even see or hear. I’m sure that most mechanics are an honest breed (I’m only sure as I don’t really want to commit international libel). A resolution to this might be at hand thanks to CarMD, winner of a coveted CES innovation award.

CarMD is a car diagnostics tool for those of us with zero skills in mechanics. Simply connect the device to your car, let it do it’s electronic magic and then by way of colored flashing lights it will tell you what’s wrong with your motor.

I do think this is a really cool idea, even though it won’t help me fix the problem it will at least make me look a it less of a car noob when I push my banger to the local garage. Further info and availability over at CarMD.

1 thought on “The Gadget Way to Avoid Fake Mechanic Charges”

  1. I can’t believe this thing got a CES Innovation Award. You have another write-up on the CarChip:

    Which I bought the CarChip E/X for $30 less (your website on the prices must be wrong) than the CarMD and, IMHO, does a lot better at tracking problems plus other systems. It’s been out since 2004 (or longer) too! What would happen if your “Check Engine” came on during driving, and by the time you were able to check it with the CarMD, the light had gone off? The CarChip constantly monitors these things and keeps about 2-3 months worth of logs (depending on your driving habits).

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