MFUEL – The Way Chargers Should Be



This is a simple, exceedingly obvious and about time kind of gadget, the MFUEL series consolidates multiple chargers into one device (well one device with multiple changeable connections as manufactures just like to be different).

The way the MFUEL works is it uses advanced internal circuitry (there words not mine) to detect what input the device needs, so if you have a laptop that requires 9V DC to give it`s overworked battery a top up or some USB device that requires 5V of juice to keep it going, simply plug in the MFUEL and it will do the math (or whatever you’d call that kind of calculation).

The only bit of thinking you need to do is work out which connector to use, currently you can get 30 or so different connectors which will cover the majority of today’s gadgets, if only everything had the same socket the gadget whores life would be that little bit simpler.

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