Hunker down kids, Here comes Steve J’s big talk!!!!

by Fred

Too many rumors swirling, buckle down and get ready!!!! It’s already 9:10 AM pacific!

Here’s MACWORLD 2007!!Apple

We’ll be all text, since I’m nowhere near the keynote!!! (ok, I’m in Marin)

Feed data thanks to MacRumors and

Everyone drinks deeply the apple juice (cool aid reference). Steve’s in black per usual. Here it comes.

general discussion of Intel changeover and transition on the software side, (boorrring, show me the money!)

only talking Mac today (read, No new iPods, at least that’s what he says so far).

Then he chats up iTunes and says TV shows are coming as downloads, (is that new?)

This is going to get long, so follow the jump and refresh (hit F5) that if you want to play along at home.

First new product up: (still waiting) Sounds like they were kidding before iTV is real! Price $299
Wireless to your TV! usb2.0, Ethernet, & HDMI. Sounds like what they promised before 40Gb of storage and RCA out. Yes, it’d HD compatible,, stop wondering. Most of all it sounds like it has some neat streaming features to it, and of course total synchronicity with iTunes. So that of course means, your Apple remote just got REALLY useful, now isn’t that nice!MacRumors

Do you think they’ll bother to make an Apple Universal remote so everything works together?! (or is that coming?)

Apparently it streams HD rather nicely. Form factor is just like Mac Mini as expected, (now why couldn’t they integrate a router into it?!) (live blogging is weird)

This way, if you have a home theater system, you stream your audio out those speakers, can anyone say convergence? Well done. (I think we’ll have to have a “design an iTV system blogfest” soon). I wouldn’t mind testing it guys (hah, like I’d get the chance).MacRumors- Thanks!MacRumors- Thanks!

and now,,,
Second New Product:

BAM Widescreen iPod

BAM Mobile Phone (duh)

BAM Internet Communicator

Doh!!! They’re all in 1!!!!!

Thanks,, umm when can I get it? It’s, umm called the iPhone,, anyone surprised,,, no,, ok. Basically they make fun of “smart phones” then say it’s simple,, (probably is). No stylus, and it’s multitouch so you can type like mad with all your little fingies. You can finally watch em’ fing! Says it has desktop class applications! Syncs with iTunes (anyone else feeling like iTunes is the hub of your new world?) Calendars, and all the rest of what you want in one place,, NEATO, (still waiting for the dreaded price).

3.5″ screen 11/16″ thick, iPod connector (that explains all those other pins that’ve done nothing for years!) headphone connector, rotate portrait to landscape, screen off when it’s to your ear (fun). Fully iPoded of course, (still waiting for bluetooth headphone announcement here people. Yes! 2 Megapixel camera!

Ok, I’m back,

So it looks likeengadget

Bluetooth -Yes

Wifi-Yes (does that make it Voipable?)

GSm- Yes

EDGE-Yes (whatever that is)

Quad Band-Yes

Browser in screen- apparently awesome!

Widgets built in, huh, surprise there.

still no price on it.

Email while on the phone! (I love bluetooth headsets!) d’ya think they made some nice new handsfree bits for it? I bet they had to!

Apple store still down (just checking)engadget

We’re still on product #2 kids!!! (come on Dual Core Duo tablet!!!!! PLEASE??!!)

Here come the accessories!!!!

4Gb unit for $499 Whoa! Save the coin now kiddies,, they ship in June.

arrgh! (teased harshly!) aww what do you expect for a revolution?

8Gb $599

I have been sparing you all the business talk from Cingular as they brag about being the prime US carrier. Didn’t talk too much about the across the pond carriers yet, sorry.

More business numbers.

Name change is official,,, Apple Inc. (not Apple Computers Inc.) So now you know.
Next Product I think (that makes 3 for those still counting at home) maybe not standing O right now.

Hoping for a one more thing (thanking Apple Dev guys and gals Way to go Austin!)

John Mayer is singing now,,

All done, no “And one more thing.”

Oh well, I’ll have to wait a while to “Make the switch” until that tablet core duo macbook pro comes out.

However, it looks like they’ve done quite a job with the iPhone and iTV. Can’t wait to see them in person!

Fred out.

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