Detroit Auto Show

by Dan


The Detroit Auto Show (also known as North America International Auto Show or NAIAS) is about to kick off, right now the press previews are taking place, tomorrow it will be the time of the industry previews and on the 13th the show will open officially for the public. Here are some statistics about the show (according to the official website):

  • exhibitors will be unveiling 45 new models
  • economic impact of show estimated in $550 million
  • more than 75,000 years of carpet were used to cover the place (equivalent to 750 football fields)
  • in 2006 attendees included over 6,000 journalists, 35,000 industry representatives and 17,000 among the general public

According to CNN money the two most interesting debuts of the show are coming from Toyota and GM: “The Toyota FT-HS, pictured here, is what I have been waiting for. (HS stands for “Hybrid Sports”) As owner of a 2004 and 2006 Prius, I understand the hybrid promise and have put my own money on these horses. But “engaging” is not the word I would use when describing the day-to-day driving experience. The FT-HS is projected to hit 60 MPH in less than 5 seconds and deliver 35 a price very affordable to the common sports car enthusiast. A perfect hybrid evolution. But the Chevrolet Volt is special. Hard to imagine (and even harder to type) but based on we have seen thus far, GM has an upper-hand in the Hybrid stakes.the Volt introduces us to an all-new powertrain concept named E-Flex, and it is an obvious ‘slap-in-the-forehead’ solution to our current and growing energy/security crisis.”

References: Naias Official Site, CNN Money

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