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Cable Capture

I’m a fan of wireless but that hasn’t prevented the spaghetti like mess accumulating under my desk. One of the more low tech gadgets I came across over on the CES main floor was Cable Capture a simple but highly effective way of hiding cable excess.

For each length of excess cable you need one cable capture unit to hide it way, to use you bend the cable capture rubber hood out, coil the excess cable around the center column and then hide it away behind the hood (seeing is easier than explaining).

If you have multiple cables to hide (and if you don’t you’re at reading about the wrong product) you’ll need one cable capture for each independent cable length, these multiple units then click together and can either be attached to the underside of the desk or be left on the floor. It’s simple but highly effective. Further info and availability over at the official Cable Capture site

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James Says: April 15, 2007 at 12:04 pm

where can we find and buy the cable capture power strip seen in the above picture? Also, how much would it be?

dave Says: November 17, 2007 at 7:04 am

i think that the cable capture looks like a pice of crap. power strips and things of that matter are small so you can hide then, not place them on your coffee table and show it off. also the fact that the little wire holders are a bit on the small side (holding a wire inside)and need to be stored a better and faster way. i have a few good ideas for this but i dont want to give them away, well in the end i think it is a good idea, just need a little more thought.

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