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Kids Alarm
Being a father, I’m always interested in finding gadgets that make parenting a little easier or less stressful and On Guard Kids does just that.

On Guard Kids is a personal safety alert system. Your child wears it around their wrist like a regular watch and if the nightmare situation occurs where somebody tries to abduct your child they can quickly and easily set off an ear piercing 110 decibel alarm. When this was demoed to me I was in a busy and noisy conference hall and it still caught peoples attention.

Turning off the alarm is simple, as long as you know the code. The Onguard also comes with a variety of interchangeable face plates to suit kids off all ages and to prevent the school clown setting it off in class it can be programmed to only work during set hours.

You can get the OnGuardKids online now for $39.95 though it should be available in retail outlets later this month for only $29.95

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