CES 2007 Keynote – part 3

Windows Mobile

When Bill Gates said Windows Mobile had greater market penetration than Blackberry I was slightly aghast but thinking about it I can believe it and after thinking about it a tad more I’m amazed I was even surprised.

Windows Mobile seems to have sneaked onto so many mobiles, I can count on one hand the number of people I know with Blackberry cells. I have a few friends who are real MS haters and even some of them are considering going the MS route on their next annual upgrade. I think it’s more than just the MS marketing department that has caused this, I’ve used MS mobile for the past 6 months and it is a quality product.

Normally with MS software you use it as it’s the defacto standard but for me I choose MS Mobile because that’s all that came with the mobile I wanted, however when it comes to my next mandatory annual upgrade the phone I choose must be able to run MS Mobile.

The final announcement of the Keynote was the partnership between Microsoft and Ford Motor Company, the aim of which is make your car feel like part of the home network.

The MS side of the Microsoft Car is (fortunately, some may say) connected to the entertainment and communication side of things (rather than transmission, steering or anything else that could mean a crash!). So things like syncing your media library with your stereo, your hands free mobile would all be part of the MS Car OS.

The technology is due for public release later this year and will be available in over 12 different models of the latest Fords. They’re going for the mass market so it’s not just the expensive models that it will be incorporated in, if you buy a new Ford Focus in 2007 there’s a fair chance it will be partly powered by Microsoft.